The collection

Page Title
Page 01 Dainty Davie
Pages 02-06 Rattling Roaring Willy
Pages 06-08 Lass of Livingston
The Lass of Livingston
Pages 08-12 Cailleach Ouir
Pages 12-13 New Claret
Pages 14-15 Pease Strae
Pages 16-17 Lord Forbes’s March
Pages 18-22 Leith Wynd
Pages 22-25 John Ochiltree
Pages 26-29 Jenny Jo!
Pages 30-31 Carle he came ou’r the Craft
The Carle he Came o’er the Croft &c
Pages 32-33 As she pi-d she padled it
Ay as she piss’d she padled it
Pages 34-35 Polwart on the green
Polwarth on the Green
Pages 36-39 Lass of Paties Mill
The Lass of Patys Mill
Pages 40-41 Last Time I came o’er the Muir
Page 41 Joack above all Joacks
Joack above all Joacks
Pages 42-43 An thou were my own thing
Pages 44-45 Peggy I must love thee
Page 45 Kick the World before you
Pages 46-47 Logan Water
Page 47 Drunken Fyfie
Page 48 Tom come tickle me
Page 48 Had the Lass ’lill I win at her
Had the Lass lill I win at her
Page 49 Flaughter Spade
The Flaughter Spade
Page 49 Kingdom of Fife
The Kingdom of Fife
Pages 50-53 Ald Sir Symon the King
Old Sir Simon the King
Pages 54-56 Sleepy Maggie
Page 57 A wife of my ain
A wife of my own
Pages 58-62 Katharine Ogie
Pages 62-63 Fidlers
The Fiddlers
Page 63 Shady Bowers
Shady bower’s
Pages 64-69 Willy was a wanton Wag
Page 69 Three Sheeps Skins
Three Sheepskins
Pages 70-72 Fairly shot o’ her
Fairly shot of her
Pages 72-73 Jockie’s fu’ an’ Jennie’s lain
Jockie’s low and Jenny’s lain
Page 73 Wet and weary
Page 74 Shuffle and cut
Page 75 Ye Gods ye gave to me a Wife
Page 75 Why shou’dn’t I love my Love
Why shou’dn’t I love
Pages 76-82 Maltman
The Maltman comes on Monday
Pages 82-83 For the Love o’ Jean
For the Love of Jean
Pages 84-85 Three good Fellows
Pages 86-87 Clout the Caldron
Clout the Cauldron
Pages 88-89 Sweet like Sugar Candie
Pages 90-95 Maggie Lauder
Page 95 Lang Strumpony
Page 96 Waking of the Falds
Page 97 MacLean’s Minuet
Minuet by Mr McLean
Pages 98-99 I fe’er I change a Single Life
Page 99 Harlequins Reel
Hatton Reel
Pages 100-101 Up in the morning early
Pages 102-107 Old Ireland rejoice
Pages 108-110 I wish my love were in a mire
Pages 110-111 Miss Ogilvy
Page 110 Miss Cochran
Pages 112-113 Miss Hamilton
Page 112 Bocchi’s Bass Minuet
Page 113 Miss Elphingston
Miss Uphingston
Page 114 Miss Macleod
Page 115 Miss Selkirk
Page 115 Miss Jenny Forbes
Pages 116-117 [Handel’s] Minuet
Minuet by Mr Handel
Page 116 Miss Bannerman’s Minuet
Miss Bannerman
Page 117 Miss Cuthbert
Pages 118-119 [missing from contents]
Miss Rachie Farquharson
Page 118 Miss Maut
Page 119 Miss Mac Pherson
Miss McPherson
Pages 120-121 Brivio’s Solo Minuet
Page 120 Beau Maxwell’s Minuet
Beau Maxwel
Pages 120 La motte’s N° 3
Lamotte’s N° 3
Page 121 Miss Durham
Pages 122-123 Miss Johnston
Page 122 Lord Cranston
Page 123 Miss Peggie Gordon
Page 123 Lord Crawford
Lord Craford
Pages 124-125 Millmill-o
The Millo
Page 125 Saraband by Corelli
Pages 126-128 My Dearie an thou die
Pages 128-129 Marquis of Tweeddale
Marquis of Tweed dale
Page 129 Good Advice
Page 129 Was she no kind to me
Pages 130-132 Rivo che tumido
Pages 132-133 There’ll ne’er be peace ’till Jamie come hame
There’ll ne’er be peace till Jamie come hame
Page 133 Princess Sobieski’s Minuet
Princess Sobieski
Pages 134-135 Wap at the Widow
Pages 136-137 Handels Hornpipe
Page 137 Donald Og
Donald Òg
Pages 138-139 Arthur’s Seat
Page 138 Captain de Leney
Captain Deleny
Page 139 Key of the Cellar
Pages 140-141 MacGibbon’s Scotch Measure
Page 140 Hey to the Camp
Key to the Camp
Page 141 Eccles’s Reel
Page 141 We’re a’ forsaken for want o Siller
We’re a’ forsaken for want o’ Siller
Page 142 Cromlix Lilt
Cromlet’s Lilt
Page 142 Open the Door to three
Page 143 Dribbles o’ Brandy
Page 143 Hiss’d yest’re’rn
Page 144 Wattie Laing
Page 144 Captain Ross’s Rant
Captain Ross
Page 145 Western Walks
Page 145 The bonniest Lass in a’ the world
Pages 146-147 Allan Water
Pages 147-148 Clarinda
Pages 148-149 Blue Bonnets
Blen Bonnets
Page 149 Jannet drinks no Water
Page 149 Oswald’s Fancy
Pages 150-151- My Nanny-oo
Pages 152-153 So merry as we ha’e been
So merry as we have been
Pages 154-156 Pinkie House
Pages 156-157 Ragged Sailor
The Ragged Sailor
Pages 158-161 Gray Steel
Pages 162-169 Caber-feidh
Page 169 No Charms above her
Pages 170-175 Reel of Tullich
Pages 176-177 Donald Cooper
Pages 178-181 Lasses bottle brandy
Lasses drink at Brandy
Page 182 Carnoucie’s Rant or Boga ’n Lochan
Carnoucies Rant
Page 182 What meikle sorrow ails you
What meckle Sorrow ails you
Page 183 Gairntully’s Rant
Gairntullie’s Rant
Page 183 Braes of Marr
Pages 184-185 Willie winna ha’e her
Willy winna hae her
Page 186 Camstroddan’s Rant
Page 186 Laodh mo Chroidhe Allastir
Laodh mo chroidh Alastir
Page 187 Ranting Highlandman
A Ranting Highlandman
Page 187 Up and war them a’ Willy
Up and war them a’ Willie
Pages 188-189 Lord Drummore’s Reel
Page 188 Mumping Nelly
Page 189 Love is the Cause of my mourning
Page 190 Tubal Cain
Page 190 Unfortunate Jock
Page 191 Newbigging
New Bigging
Page 191 Bath Medley
Page 192 Hecklebirney
Page 192 Coronet
The Coronet
Page 193 Roger came tapping att Dolly’s window or Mumpety Mump
Roger came taping at Dolly’s Window
Page 193 Miller’s Jigg
The Miller’s Jigg
Pages 194-195 Tinker Tam
Tinkler Tam
Page 196 Caping Trade
The Caping Trade
Page 197 Gray Horse March
Gray horse’s March
Page 197 Useless Scrip
My useless Scrip
Pages 198-201 Geld him Lasses
Page 201 O’er the muir to Katie
Pages 202-203 His Grandfather
Page 203 Jean’s the best of any
Page 203 Hey Tramudle
Pages 204-205 Way to Warrington
The Way to Warrington
Page 205 Jockie was his name
Page 205 Buff Coat
Pages 206-207 I woul’d ha’e my Gown made
Page 207 I’ve fixt my fancy on thee
Pages 208-209 One Evening as I lay
Page 208 Braes of Branxholm
Braes of Branksom
Page 209 We’re a’ kiss’d Sleeping
Wee’re a’ kiss’d sleeping
Pages 210-214 I love my Love in Secret
Pages 214-215 Senisino
Page 215 Countrey Farmer
Country Farmer
Page 215 Happy Clown
Pages 216-217 Drunken Sailor
Page 216 Gillecranky
Page 217 Jealousie and Love
Jealousy and Love
Pages 218-220 Irish Troll
[no name]
Pages 220-221 Jock and Jam
Jock and Tam
Page 221 My Minnie forbad me
My Winnie forbid me
Page 221 Dusty Miller
Pages 222-223 Widow art thou walking
Widow are thou waking
Pages 224-225 Can ye drink an’ no be drunk
Sir Alexander Macdonalds Reel
Page 224 King of Damascus
Lady Blank
Page 224 MacDonald’s Rant
King of Damascus
Page 225 Struan Robertson’s Rant
Pages 226-227 Tibbie Fowler
Tibbie Fowler
Pages 228-229 Loch Sloy
Page 228 MacFarlan’s Reel
MacFarlane’s Reel
Page 229 Inverara Rant
Page 229 Four and twenty Highlandmen
Page 230 Pòg ar Bòn-sèa
A Kiss for a ha’penny
Page 230 Stumpie
Page 230 Confederacy
Page 231 Cromdaill hill
Cromadail Hill
Page 231 A’ Bodyloo’s me
A’ body loo’s me
Page 231 Shàl am bheil do Raotan agad
Shàill an theil do Raotan agad
Pages 232-233 Duncan dipt in
Duncan dupt in
Page 232 Kircudbright
Page 232 I’ll never have thee
I’ll ne’er leave him
Page 233 Ald wife ayond the fire
The ald wife ayond the fire
Page 233 Bidag ar Mac-Thomais
Ata bidag ar MacThomais
Pages 234-235 Athol Braes
Page 235 How can I keep my maidenhead
Page 235 Baxter’s Rant
Pages 236-237 Cuttie Spoon
Page 236 Boga nuadh
Bog an nuadh
Page 237 Soger Lad or any body
A Soger Lad or any Bodie
Page 237 Harlequin’s Reel
Page 238 Was ye at the Bridal
Was you at the bridal
Page 238 Gordon hall
Page 238 An I had thee amang the heather
An I had thee ’mong the heather
Page 239 Car na m Breillaig
Cadger of Crief
Page 239 Maxwell’s Rant
Maxwel’s Rant
Page 239 Caòra cròm
An Caora cròm
Page 240 Craig Elache
Craig Ellachi
Page 240 Glenrinnes Cheer
Page 240 Tòrn a mhuilin
Tòrn na mhuiln
Page 241 Ianizarie’s March
Ianigarie’s March
Pages 242-244 Fer liàth
Bob of Fettercairn
Pages 244-245 Sibell
Page 245 Hey Jenny come down to Jock
Pages 246-249 Black Joack
Pages 250-251 Stella darling of the Muses
Pages 252-253 Tweed Side
Pages 254-257 Birks of Invermay
Page 257 Merry Meeting
Pages 258-261 Green Sleeves
Pages 262-263 O dear Mother
O dear Mother what shall I do
Page 263 My Cummer and I
My Cummer & I
Pages 264-265 Bride has a bonnie thing
The Bride has a bonny thing
Page 266 Steer her up and ha’d gaan
Steer her up and had her gaing
Page 267 Black man is the bravest
The black man is the bravest
Pages 268-269 Parson among the Pease
Page 268 Christmass Holiday
Christmass Holyday
Page 269 Recruiting Officer
Page 270 Tòrn a Bhreccich
Tórn breccich
Page 271 Here am I where are ye?
Page 271 Wood Lark
Page 272 Heatherley
Page 272 Andrew Kerr
Page 273 Giolla ruaidh
Page 273 Prince of Orange
Page 274 Wright’s Rant
Page 274 Rummer
Page 275 Miller of Dron
Page 275 Welsh Fusileers
Welsh Fusilleer’s
Page 276 Old Age and young
Page 277 Gray Joack
Page 277 White Joack
Pages 278-279 John Hays Bonnie Lassie
John Hay’s bonnie Lassie
Page 280 MacLean’s Scotch Measure
Page 280 When you please
When you please &e
Page 281 Royal Archers
Page 282 King of Prussia’s March
King of Prussia
Pages 282-283 First Troop of Guards March
First troop of Guards
Page 283 Sailor Bold
Page 284 Captain Robertson’s March
Captain Robertson
Pages 284-285 Czar’s March
Czar of Muscovy
Page 285 Prince Eugen’s March
Prince Eugen
Page 286 On a Bank of flowers
Page 286 Love for ever
Page 287 Galloway’s Lament
Page 287 Barley Cakes
Page 288 What shall I do to show how much I love her?
Page 288 In her Cap she wore a feather
In her Cape she wore a feather