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Getting up and running: Mastodon on Fedora Server

I had a bit of bother getting Mastodon up and running on a Fedora box so figured I’d write up the main sticking points. Preamble The scope is to: Put most of this inside Docker Use AWS S3 for object storage Use AWS SES for mail If you’ve got Postfix already running locally, or don’t want to run storage on S3, just ignore these bits.

fail2ban config for Wordpress running in Docker

This environment: CentOS 7.x WP 5.x PHP 7.x Fail2ban 0.11.x WP/PHP running in Docker In /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/wplogin.conf: [Definition] failregex = .*php7:notice.*\[client (<HOST>).*wp-admin.*Password Mismatch ignoreregex = Then in the WP home, we want to log errors to SYSLOG.

CMake ExternalProject options

CMake manpages are about the most verbose manpages on the planet. All I wanted to do was import an external project and customise the build options without having to go and add files into the child project / patch them / whatever.