MacFarlane Manuscript

TL;DR Collection is available here. Notes The Young MS, commonly referred to as the ‘MacFarlane Manuscript’ (for whom it was written), dates from c. 1740. Little is known of MacFarlane himself, but the manuscript is thought to have been made widely accessible across Edinburgh by its patron (Johnson 1997, 11) and its material widely disseminated throughout Fiddle repertory of the later 18thcentury.

The collection

Page Title Page 01 Dainty Davie Pages 02-06 Rattling Roaring Willy Pages 06-08 Lass of Livingston The Lass of Livingston Pages 08-12 Cailleach Ouir Pages 12-13 New Claret Pages 14-15 Pease Strae Pages 16-17 Lord Forbes’s March Pages 18-22 Leith Wynd Pages 22-25 John Ochiltree Pages 26-29 Jenny Jo!

OSC-based audience participation

This was an installation project I did. A telephone number was projected on the wall and audience members would dial it. The Asterisk PBX I was running and gave an Interactive Voice Prompt to the person on the phone.

Lassus: Exaudi Deus

Score is available here (.pdf, 90kB) Parts (audio) For own rehearsal. Apologies for these being done with MIDI… All parts Your browser does not support the audio element. Soprano