MAPs PMB minutes 16/05/2023

Minutes from GMC MAPs Programme Board, 16 May 2023

This is a transcript of the minutes provided by the GMC provided via FOI

Minutes and actions from the last meeting

Fees framework consultation approach

  • DD explained his recommended approach to developing and consulting on a fee framework linked to the AA/PA order and requested comments from the Board.

  • The Board supported the approach that the framework and statements regarding fees will, for the initial consultation, be focussed solely on AAs and PAs.

  • BJ highlighted that the AAPAO only gives us power to make rules for AAs and PAs, so it will be difficult to avoid a second consultation in this area for doctors.

  • UL and NR supported the recommendation and noted that the topic of fees is an accessible one for commentators and is likely to be controversial.

  • Noted these needs careful messaging and fee differences between registrant groups may be a subject of public discussion in the future.

    Action: DD/BJ to explore whether once we have established a framework and rules for PAs and AAs a change to fee levels will require re-consultation in the future.

Programme update (April highlight report)

  • HA presented programme updates highlighting the following:

    • Programme is still reporting ‘amber’ as a result of uncertainty on legislative timeline

    • All the programme components report ‘green’ apart from those linked to legislation and Outreach service development which reports ‘amber’. HA will support the Outreach team to move this forward.

    • Funding for 2023/2024 was fully approved by DHSC

    • HA and CB attended Council seminar at the end of April where they updated Council members of the programme progress and handled strategic questions around workforce. They are also going to attend Council Away day in July to run a session focused on the GMC becoming a multi-profession regulator.

    • There were no questions from the Board.

External data and reporting for PAs and AAs

  • TD presented external data requirements for the regulation of AAs and PAs and encouraged the Board to get familiar with the timeline and contact her in case of any further questions or suggestions.

  • CB asked whether small numbers in some groups would prevent us from reporting. TD confirmed this was expected and some analysis would not be possible to undertake until we have several years of data

  • TA asked when data collection should begin and whether the existence of the transition period may delay this. TD suggested that the process of seeking data should start as soon as we can, and that we can collect and hold them from time when the regulation starts. We won’t receive an individual’s data from ESR until they are registered with us because the download works off the GMC UID.

  • We’ll start conversations with different data providers mid-year to be able to collect data from all UK countries.

IS development progress update

  • RL presented and discussed progress on the IS workstreams that support the regulation of AA/PAs. The Board appreciated the great presentation and commended the teamworking that has enabled the achievements so far.

  • SM advised that it would be useful to start a conversation in advance on how we welcome PAs/AAs to the register, e.g. a welcoming email campaign, and trial it before the regulation starts. RL and PC agreed with the suggestion and confirmed we’ve already got the capability to trial onboarding PAs/AAs similarly as we do it for doctors.

  • PC noted that everything that’s been built for MAPs forms the base for subsequent improvements for doctors.

AA registration assessment launch

  • MG presented our plan to launch the AA registration assessment (AARA) at the end of the month. The Board supported the approach.

  • TJ asked several questions:

    • How does AA workplace-based assessment compare to the model of training for anaesthetic specialists? MG and RH replied that while workplace-based assessment is a part of that training, trainee Anaesthetists must also undertake an OSCE exam.

    • How will fees for the AARA align with the fee setting model linked to the AA/PA order presented by DD? MG replied that we’ve only undertaken basic work on AARA fees so far and this requires further development. DD indicated we might not require the AARA fee to be set at break-even level in the early years whilst the assessment is still being developed.

    • Will we use AARA outcomes to compare the quality of AA qualifications? MG replied that they will inform our QA for AA course providers, as one element of the broader QA standards.

    Action: MG to arrange a meeting with Finance to discuss AARA fees.


  • There was no other business raised. The next MAPs Programme Board meeting is scheduled for 25 July 2023.