Divisions and branches of trigeminal nerve

high res .png .svg PNG without annotations .svg without annotations License: CC-BY-SA Notes of interest Buccal comes from bucca: Lat, ‘puffed, filled out cheek’1. Related to the rather wonderful word bucculentus, “having fat cheeks”2; which in turn gives its name to Caranx bucculentus, “wide-mouthed trevally”, a fish with a rather large mouth3.

Acupuncture and back pain

So a couple of weeks ago I was having a look at the BMJ infographic Low back pain and sciatica: a summary of NICE guidance. I noted the following, “do not offer acupuncture”:

History of Scottish Medicine

Digitised by the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum” (now just known as the “Wellcome Collection”), which I had the pleasure of visiting this week History of Scottish Medicine - text / interactive scanned images