Baking Soda Chemo

Fancy trying your hand at curing cancer? You can do it too. Just call yourself a “pH Doctor”, whack a charge of a couple of $k per treatment on top and you’ll be doing grand.

Online Resources

For all Any resources that don’t require a student address / student confirmation etc General Radiopaedia Free, online radiology reference Zero to finals Free resource, summarises key concepts

Patients as Experts

BMJ Open published an article in 2013 that explores treating patients who live with chronic conditions: in this case, focusing on T1D in particular. Sparknotes version: Patients with long-term conditions can (and do) find themselves battling the Dr’s ego in the consulting room.

Naturopathic Ethical Review Boards

SBM has a shedload of articles primarily focused on EBM and anti-quackery. This article caught my attention recently (warning, it’s 4 years old). Brief: naturopaths asked to mark own homework, goes as well as you’d expect.

Chiropractic at 33,000 Feet

An oldie but a goodie; completely forgot about this article till someone posted it on Reddit a couple of days ago. Synopsis: chiropractor treats MI with “Activator”. Chiropractic at 33,000 feet (Web archive link)