mrmr performance using OSC with Pure Data (pd)

mrmr is a project which enables the use of OSC using an iOS-based client such as the iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad. Its functionality extends to integrate with on-board controls such as the accelerometer, which may be used in conjunction with other inputs in live performance.

Pd-extended and random-data streams

Here’s a little something I wrote to take the checksums from incoming data on a network and turn these into useful data in Pd-extended. We communicate the data via the OSC (OpenSoundControl) protocol.

Various musical settings

Ala da’lona score Algerian maybe? Useful one to have up the sleeve for teaching groups. Brochan lòm score Classic, porridge-themed ditty. Tha Thìde Agam Éirigh score Transcribed from Music of the Western Isles: School of Scottish Studies