screen & vim defaults

Only posting these here because I keep copying these defaults between systems; it’s about high time I come up with a better way of syncing all my settings across boxes though …

OSC-based audience participation

This was an installation project I did. A telephone number was projected on the wall and audience members would dial it. The Asterisk PBX I was running and gave an Interactive Voice Prompt to the person on the phone.

SSH and Mosh on Debian

Introduction I run Debian Squeeze with OpenSSH, sitting behind Shorewall. I access my systems using OS X’s SSH client. I also use MacPorts. This simple guide will show you how to quickly get up and running with Mosh.

Using Webmin and Usermin with nginx

A few of my users have expressed annoyance at not being able to change passwords very easily. I experimented with using LDAP for user administration last year, but half the issue with that was getting it to work along my lookups for various users' chroots.