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Using Webmin and Usermin with nginx

A few of my users have expressed annoyance at not being able to change passwords very easily. I experimented with using LDAP for user administration last year, but half the issue with that was getting it to work along my lookups for various users’ chroots.

Quickly uploading files using SCP with an Automator Service

Automator workflows allow you to take data from one action (Finder menu, print spool, etc) and use it somewhere else. So, here’s a simple way to add a context menu to your Finder so as to upload files you might use, by scp, to wherever you keep your stash.

Configuring nginx on Debian Lenny with FancyIndex

Introduction nginx (pronounced Engine X) is super-quick. Really, really super quick. I came to it having used Apache for years, ending up deciding against LightHTTPd (memory leaks) and then eventually deciding to settle with the use of nginx due to its stability and speed.