mrmr performance using OSC with Pure Data (pd)

mrmr is a project which enables the use of OSC using an iOS-based client such as the iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad. Its functionality extends to integrate with on-board controls such as the accelerometer, which may be used in conjunction with other inputs in live performance.

The patch below, available to download here, maps buttons on the iPad to particular MIDI controls. You’ll see I also experimented with manually “drawing” a waveform that would then be played back at whatever pitch was chosen:

This patch will work with the default ‘performance’ patch on mrmr (though I’ve obviously adapted my own one a bit for more straightforward use). There are a few funky things built into this patch:

  • x/y/z accelerometer inputs are used for pan etc.
  • use of the pad input on mrmr writes to table 1, which is then used by tabosc~
  • stepped octave-select tool, mapped to individual buttons (up/down)
  • inverse-value function (bottom left, provides inverse-x/y/z)

Feel free to put these to good use!