MAPs PMB minutes 17/01/2023

Minutes from GMC MAPs Programme Board, 17 January 2023

This is a transcript of the minutes provided by the GMC provided via FOI

Minutes and actions from the last meeting

  • Minutes from the September Programme Board meeting were agreed. There were no actions from the last meeting.

Programme update

  • HA noted key points from the Highlight report:
    • We continue reporting as amber due to legislative delays.
    • Revalidation policy approach was agreed by Executive Board in December 2022.
    • Good progress on the IS development with work expected to complete before the end of 2023.
    • Engagement on AAs registration assessment content map closes on 22 January, and we’ll review feedback by the end of the month.
    • Advice for PAs and AAs prescribing under another role was updated and re-circulated to stakeholders for final comments prior to publication.
    • Scottish Government have indicated they will not object to the use of the ‘AA’ abbreviation for anaesthesia associates, and they will resolve issues with the nursing role that currently uses the same abbreviation in Scotland.
    • We are updating our MoU with DHSC to reflect a funding extension beyond March 2025 because of the delays to regulation.
  • There were no questions

Update on the revised draft AA and PA Order

  • BJ introduced the revised draft of AAPAO which we received in late December 2022. The new draft isn’t significantly different from the one we received in September 2022, and it doesn’t need to be entirely re-evaluated. However, there are some changes around Registration and FtP. Governance and Education remain the same. There are also some changes around the duty to publish certain information and that’s an area to look at. The main areas of change are around:

    • Annotations

    • Content of the register

    • Revisions and appeals

  • HA asked about the commencement change which states that we must start regulating PAs/AAs 12 months after the Order is made. BJ advised that we’ve still got some flexibility on when we start registering people.

  • NR asked if we’ll be obliged to publish some sort of PA/AA income and expenditure table since the Order comes into being whilst the Medical Act still stands.

  • NR also asked if the schedule says whether it will be prospective or retrospective examination of balancing income and expenditure, based on the budget plan or annual report. He noted that his contact at Social Work England (who are subject to the same restrictions) has indicated they have virtually no scope to build up a surplus. BJ confirmed this needs to be looked in.

  • NR noted that we are a charity which places particular duties on the trustees, and asked whether this has been raised with DHSC or do we need to seek some legal advice in terms of formulating fees? BJ replied that we’ve previously explored our charitable status and how it sits with the new regulations but it’s worth looking again in more detail at how we fulfil our charitable obligations.

  • ACTION: BJ, RM, TJ and DD to take the issue of the financial provisions forward by instructing Counsel for written advice.

  • TA noted that rules drafting is going ahead, and BJ confirmed that they are working on drafting rules guidance. Although the rules instruction will still stand, there will be some changes in rule making powers. Rules drafting is in progress but is slightly behind the schedule.

Equality Impact Assessment

  • HA and CL presented on the Equality Impact Assessment for PA/AA regulation.

  • HA outlined what we know about PA/AA diversity and what the key equality issues are for PA/AA regulation.

  • CL explained the QA process that was undertaken and the external review of the EQIA by consultants from Oxford Brookes University.

  • HJ asked whether there are any recommendations around language. CL said that we have a detailed annotated document from the consultants proposing more accessible language, and this can be shared with the Comms team.

  • HJ asked whether we plan to publish the EQIA externally. CL and HA explained that we are not obliged to publish, however as we’ve committed to publishing all of the EQIAs for the Regulatory Reform programme, we’re going to publish this one too. HA noted that it’s not currently drafted with a view to external publication and will need detailed review.

  • CB asked for clarification on the definition of ‘protected beliefs.’ CL explained that we need to make sure we’re up to date and understand where case law has evolved and there are new protections that are classed as ‘protected beliefs’.


  • There was no other business raised. The next MAPs Programme Board meeting is scheduled for 21 March 2023.