Linksys WAP54G and HyperWAP v1.0


This HOWTO focuses on how to increase the range of your Linksys WAP54G by installing a new firmware: HyperWAP v1.0.

About HyperWAP

HyperWAP is firmware for the Linksys WAP54G that boosts the device’s power output, meaning your wireless network has a larger range on which to operate. This “power boost” will also increase the performance of your wireless network.


HyperWAP used to be available to download from the HyperWAP website at (link dead - no longer online) At the time of writing, the stable version is v1.0.

UPDATE: I’ve managed to find the files I’d downloaded so they’re still available to download from here:


  1. Having downloaded the HyperWAP firmware from the website, open up your browser and enter your WAP54G’s IP address as the URL. This is usually Having entered your password (no username is needed), click on ‘Help’, which will show the firmware version. So long as you have v1.09.1 or above, you may proceed with this tutorial.

  2. If you have an older firmware, download v1.09.1 at and go to step 3 in tutorial

  3. In your web browser, go to, and disable “Downgrade Header”.

  4. Go back to the Help page on your WAP54G, and click on the button which says “Firmware Upgrade”. Select the file on your computer which you wish to use, and click ‘Upgrade’. While the upgrade is in progress, it is vital that you do not disconnect the WAP54G from the mains, as this could irreparably damage it. The router should reboot automatically.

  5. On rebooting, your new firmware should be working on the router. If you upgraded to v1.09.1 before installing HyperWAP, go back to stage 2 of this tutorial. Otherwise, you’re done!