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Quickly uploading files using SCP with an Automator Service

Ronald MacDonald <> v1.0, Sun Nov 27 17:15:51 EST 2011

Automator workflows allow you to take data from one action (Finder menu, print spool, etc) and use it somewhere else.

So, here’s a simple way to add a context menu to your Finder so as to upload files you might use, by scp, to wherever you keep your stash.

Automator Workflow screenshot

You can also download the automator patch by clicking here (.zip, 70kB).


This requires public/private-key authentication to already be set up and running on your systems.

For some reasons, my permissions had gone a little funny. If you’re having trouble saving or renaming your service, try the following:

export un=`whoami` && echo "sudo chown -R $un /Users/$un/Library/Services"