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mrmr performance using OSC with Pd

Ronald MacDonald <> v1.0, Thu Oct 20 17:39:31 EDT 2011

mrmr is a project which enables the use of OSC using an iOS-based client such as the iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad. Its functionality extends to integrate with on-board controls such as the accelerometer, which may be used in conjunction with other inputs in live performance.



The patch below may be downloaded by right-clicking here, File > Save As…

As a novice to Pd, my own work with mrmr has not thus far been terribly extensive, but here’s one of a couple of things I’ve recently been working on:

mrmr ipad interface

This patch will work with the default ‘performance’ patch on mrmr (though I’ve obviously adapted my own one a bit for more straightforward use). There are a few funky things built into this patch:

  • x/y/z accelerometer inputs are used for pan etc.
  • use of the pad input on mrmr writes to table 1, which is then used by tabosc~
  • stepped octave-select tool, mapped to individual buttons (up/down)
  • inverse-value function (bottom left, provides inverse-x/y/z)

Feel free to put these to good use! :)